My life has given me stories to share, let's swap a few & see where it gets us.

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  • Another adventure in the bag, here are some photos that our tutor took while we embarked on our 5 day tramp. (we were the only poly tech group to do all 5 days) I’ve never laughed so hard or so much, I’ve never been so frustrated with nature, and there is a whole new level of climbing mountains that I’ve come across-metaphorically and literally. I adore these few people, they made this experience what it was, I’m too thankful for them. 

    "Tramp Sluts" 2014 CPIT 5 Day Tramp, Lewis Pass + Libretto Range. 

  • I was the match and you were the rock, maybe we started this fire,

    we were born with nothing and we sure as hell have nothing now,

    these are the things we lost, the things we lost in the fire. 

    - Bastille 

    (Source: Spotify)

  • My relationship with Andrew is unlike one that I have ever had with anyone before. This man will forever be apart of my memories; his constant concern for my well being, his quite ability to watch over me, his genuine and yet hidden personality…

    On our last night of our tramp, Andrew and I laid in the middle of the bunk tossing and turning, as we each had a mate on our other side who slept quite well through the night. At one point I had rolled over in the night facing the side Andrew was on, and there was just enough moonlight coming through the window that I could make out every detail. 

    I had gone to bed wanting to just punch him…four days with him was proving to etch away at me. I’ve never felt anger towards Andrew, haha, I’ve actually never felt any type of genuine negativity towards him ever, but I still wanted to punch him because he had just annoyed me before we zipped up our sleeping bags.  

    So here I was laying on my side facing his back, and it just overcame me-my gratitude for this human. Do you ever just look at someone and in that moment they are just so perfectly imperfect that they are perfect, that you know them for who they are more than anyone else does? That’s what I was overcome with. I wanted to tell him how grateful I was for him. He rolled over at that moment onto his back and I understood for the first time why we as humans sometimes watch those we care about, sleep; they are so genuine in that state…. 

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  • Ahhh, the life of a house cat 🐾 #CatNappingGameStrong

  • I can’t wait to grow my own garden.
    I can’t wait to raise a puppy.